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Takahē Project

The official account for the Takahē ActivityPub server. We love to toot!

Read more about us at

This is a member of another server. See their original profile ➔

Post pinning is now in and working thanks to @christof - plus we've got some compatability fixes in for mentions, bot accounts, and more. 0.9 soon!

We've upgraded to our new UI design! You can see an example of the project profile at - and there's even a working full text search for a profile's posts now.

This release will come out soon as 0.9 once we've done a bit more polishing and bugfixing - you can read by @andrew for more on the new direction!

@Lapineige @takahe No plans to have instructions something other than the Docker version - we can't support anything else sensibly. It's a pretty standard Django project, though, so it's not that hard to run as an install.

(Will look into the HTML thing - that used to be a bug but thought it was fixed!)

We've brought forward the 0.8 release (ahead of some of the bigger features landing) to get a security fix out - so it's now available:

We recommend upgrading as soon as possible if you're running 0.7 or below!

@osma Curious - what are the symptoms you see of the domain difference? Mastodon itself supports this, but there are some display bugs in things like Pixelfed.

Also, CSV follow import just landed in main, if you want to test drive that.

@jph Curious, what are the clients that don't work? Right now most of our testing is from Tusky and Elk.

@fabian Well given that the CSS only ever shows on your own pages, the security risk of doing safe is a lot less than it first seems.

@ciantic Yup, that's still not part of our API surface for annoying technical reasons. Opened an issue here so it has a proper one:

@jph It's definitely not fully polished but it's a start! Let us know if you have any styling improvement ideas.

@fabian Noted! I'm sure we can fix that:

Takahē 0.7 is now released! Blocking! Emoji admin! Announcements! Loads of quality of life fixes! Read more at

We've also launched a Patreon for those who want to help us out financially - that's over at

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@bloodwrites We're big fans of being able to present yourself in multiple ways to whatever circles of people you want!

@ktv We sign all outgoing requests and can pull data from them, so I don't _think_ it's that.

@AntoineD Yup - read through and follow the instructions there!

@simon @MattHodges We plan to have account moving between servers in relatively soon, but replacing an existing Mastodon with Takahē and keeping everything is a more challenging task we're leaving until after 1.0.