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Yay, first time being insulted for wearing a mask. What a clown.

So called journalists asking people who prepare to be flown to the earthquake region in Turkey/Syria for disaster relief if they are prepared to see dead people? Common, can we please stop harassing them? I mean talk to the official media person and let them prepare. They will have plenty of other things on their mind, then q&a what they expect could be waiting for them.

After years having this book in my shelf. I never managed to open the „closed“ pages, could not bring myself to do so. Today I somehow did. Strange day, strong pictures. Horror. Nobody should ever be pulled into war. Never.

Best date idea in ages (overheard from a barista in my favorite coffee shop): Visit a tea shop (alternative: a shop with lots of spices to smell) together and figure out what the other person likes and what not. I gonna keep that in my mind.

Hello @takahe.

Hello . Finally found the time to set up my own Server. Let’ see how this goes.