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One year ago. Went to sleep, after struggling to keep my phone with the latest news away. Wole up the next morning, could not believe my eyes. All those images from the start Russian invasion. Reading now familiar names like Hostomel, Kharkiv or Kherson probably for the first time.

Getting to work, thoughts are with my Ukrainian colleagues, hoping that they are at least somewhat safe for now. Joining the daily morning meeting, and some of those crazy Ukrainians are actually there.

Edited 99d ago

Some to distract themselves, some because they think that they should. Some because they just have nothing else to do. Kyiv is one big traffic jam. Everyone is completely overwhelmed.

Those images from Hostomel airport where the CNN reporter acutally runs into Russion VDV troops without recognizing.

Low quality videos on Social Media showing Helicopters penetrating into Ukraine, trying to occupy strategic positions.

People in shock, trying to flee. People who gather to enlist themselves, to fight for their home.

All those images got burned into my brain. I cannot shut down for multiple days. Sometimes I still struggle to leave those (new and old) images behind for some time.

I hope you are all as safe as you humanly can be.











I hope I can meet you all again. In person. In Ukraine. As soon as possible.

Nie wieder Krieg!