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Private ActivityPub Server running takahe configured in a weird fashion.

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Pyro, Gewalt, Polizei

Zuerst Tränengas und jetzt noch ZSC-Fans? Ächtz.

Ohaläts. Der erste Wasserwerfer hat es bis zum HB geschafft. Gerade eben.

Some pictures taken from the last few days out of the Negev Desert around Mitzpe Ramon.

One year ago. Went to sleep, after struggling to keep my phone with the latest news away. Wole up the next morning, could not believe my eyes. All those images from the start Russian invasion. Reading now familiar names like Hostomel, Kharkiv or Kherson probably for the first time.

Also: when asking people how they are and then start a conversation from there, it’s "fascinating" how few actually ask back, regarding how I am.

It’s ridiculous how hard it is to find a new home. I cannot even imagine how shitty it must be for people without all the privileges I have. I basically tick all the freakin' boxes.

Some pictures of the demonstration which took place yesterday evening in Zurich, after the autonomous space "Koch-Areal" was evicted. Protest was on one side against the eviction but also for affordable housing for everyone.